Synergy Fitness Center is a holistic, healing center with a calm, welcoming environment. We support an eco-friendly lifestyle geared towards total wellness for our clients and our planet.

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1-340-714-2348 | East End Plaza, Red Hook | 8am-6pm Mon-Friday | 9am-4pm Saturday

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Occupational Therapy

Red Hook, St. Thomas USVI

Occupational Therapy

Reasons to See an Occupational Therapist There are many reasons to see occupational therapists. If a health condition, accident, injury, or disease has made it hard for you to take part in daily activities, occupational therapy may help you recover and maintain skills for everyday life. They are specialists with hand, wrist and arm injuries. Occupational therapy can help children: interact with others, learn self-care, such as getting dressed, develop routines at home or at school and hit developmental milestones.

Audrey Barrett, OTR

Audrey Barrett is an Occupational therapist who hails from the eastern shore of Maryland and has lived on St. John for two years. She attended Elizabethtown College for undergraduate and masters degrees, and has worked in many settings since then including adult rehabilitation, early intervention services, and school based pediatric therapy. In her spare time she enjoys free diving, hiking, and playing her guitar. Audrey is so excited to be a part of the Synergy team!